Getting Started

Web Development

$35.00 per hour for the development of websites. Consists of:

  • Photoshop & Illustration work
  • Laying out the elements on the page ( creating the template )
  • Server side programming
  • Database Schema Design


Hosting cost $100.00 annually for Unlimited:

  • Disks Space
  • Email Accounts
  • Databases
  • Add-on Domains

Backups - Costs for backups are based on how often there needed.

  • Semi-annually - $10.00 Annually
  • Monthly - $25.00 Annually

Backup process includes the complete website and its associated databases.

Domain Name Services

I recommend for domain name registrations. The cost is about $10.00/yr for obtaining your desired domain name. I use jumpdomain for all my domain name registrations, and I am very pleased with their services thus far.

If you prefer. Source H will handle the registering of your domain name at no cost to you if you decide to host with us.